Sunday, 28 October 2007

Jimbo Jones

Again, this character is just started but, here's Jimbo Jones - one of the bullies in Springfield.

He's also made Dolph's t-shirt. I don't know if these will ever be finished but I like them as they are anyway.

Flanders the werewolf

He's just started this one but it looks good already.

In one of the episodes of The Simpsons Flanders turns into a werewolf and Calvin is really in to them at the moment. We've caught him a few times watching clips from American Werewolf in London on You Tube!

Halloween Simpsons

Continuing with the eerie Simpsons, Calvin has drawn the Zombie sign that rotates outside Krusty Burger. He's drawn the same on both side then put it on a straw so that it can twirl like in The Simpsons game.

Calvin's making Halloween decorations

We are going to be having a Halloween party and Calvin is making some models to be placed on some of our tables in the house to get everyone into the spooky mood.

Here's Lard Lad from The Simpsons but changed into Halloween mode.