Monday, 7 September 2015

¡Toro Negro!

Finished my lovely gloss black bull which is on display at the Gallery on the Corner on Dundas Street, Edinburgh.

Drop in and have a look at beautiful work from lots of different artists.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Hand made linocut print of the winding Victoria Street in the iconic Old Town of Edinburgh.

Available in blue and red.

Frames available in beach wood or white.

Print size: 12cm x 17cm
Frame size: 23.5cm x 32.5cm

Purchase from my Etsy shop here. 

Stockbridge Market

I love this entrance to Stockbridge Market!

Linocut available in both blue and res from my Etsy shop now. Tell everyone!

All work and no play!

Phew! Knackered doing all this tonight!

Prints available on my Etsy shop. Tell all your friends!


Newhaven Harbour

The old harbour at Newhaven is a lovely little spot in Edinburgh and here's my linocut print representation of it.

Available on my Etsy shop in blue and red.

Busy busy!

Working hard producing lots of different linocut prints. I'm hoping to produce a large range of these – different buildings, views and structures from all around Scotland.

The ones that I've done are available on my Etsy shop and please keep coming back as they will be updated regularly.

Cockenzie Power Station linocut print

Not much time left for Cockenzie Power Station. I'm going to miss it. It's been on the coastline all my life and I always know I'm not far from home when those two iconic towers appear whilst driving up the A1. Here's my representation of this beautiful big square hunk.

Prints are available in blue and red and can be bought through my Etsy shop.

The Bass Rock

I've completed a linocut of the beautiful Bass Rock in East Lothian. Sitting just off the coastal town of North Berwick, this is a particularly loved print as it's one of my favourite places to visit.
It can be purchased through my Esty shop.

St Giles' Cathedral

Linocut print of St Giles' cathedral on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Available in red or blue. Can be purchased through my Etsy shop.

John Knox House

Another linocut print. This time of John Knox's house on the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Lovely detail and a nice clean print. Available now through my Etsy site.

Forth Bridges linocut prints

I've been working hard on my linocuts recently and here are two lovely prints of both the Forth bridge and the Forth road bridge. All available on my Etsy site.

Edinburgh Castle Linocut Print

Finished my linocut of Edinburgh Castle with the Ross fountain in the foreground. Available on my Etsy site

Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain