Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Red necklace

As well as the blue jewellery, Calvin made a red set of necklaces and bracelets.

Blue Necklace and Bracelet

Calvin's made some jewellery where he's carried on his gorilla series by incorporating some "gorilla teeth" into these cool wee necklaces and bracelets. Let me know if you like any or even want to buy one. Prices are very reasonable!

Chav Gorilla

Calvin has finished and glazed his Chav Gorilla. He's got his bright blue baseball cap, fat gold rope, can of lager and his bull terrier straining to rip your insides out.

Tolling of the Bell

Calvin's made a clay garden ornament/wind chime. Looks completely different to anything that Calvin's made before. It's about 12 inches high. It's also makes a nice chime.