Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Calvin has made a rotating restaurant that appears in the background of the Simpsons movie. He thinks it's a spaceship on legs - I didn't try to explain what it actually is.

Space Alien

Here's a wee mutant that has a go at Homer and Bart in the Simpsons game.

GTA Liberty City. Grand Theft Scratchy.

Calvin has made Scratchy as he appears in the Simpsons game. He's even got his broken bottle in hand, ready to slice you up. God bless those guys at Rockstar for their quest to promote good, wholesome family values.

Otto from Disney's Cars

Calvin often picks a character or even an object that doesn't really play any significant role in a movie and makes it a few times out of Plasticine. Here he has made a character from Cars called Otto. I can't even remember him in the film, but, Calvin tells me, he was.

Another Lard Lad

I've lost count of how many of these Dude's made now. Loads.

Work in progress

Here's a little look into one of Calvin's tins where he now keeps his stuff he's working on.

  1. Spaceship legs
  2. Another Lard Lad
  3. T-Rex leg
  4. Krusty the clown in his work-out gear (in the new Simpsons PS3 game)
  5. Another T-Rex piece
  6. Gromit
  7. Space mutants